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US Visa Specialists

Our specialty is full-service US visa processing for Family-based visas for Philippine citizens. Examples of family-based petitions are Fiancé (K1), Spousal (I-130, IR1, CR1, K3), Widow(er), Parent, Child, and Adopted Child.

Most of the delays and denials of family-based visa applicants are the result of one or more errors in paperwork and/or lack of all requirements being met. Once a petition is filed for a family-based visa applicant, most of the burden is placed on the overseas applicant. In many instances, the applicants are confused and at a loss as to what is expected of them, and exactly what they need to do to complete the process. There are requirements one must meet from both countries, and there is little help available from the respective government agencies.

We operate differently than most companies offering visa services. For one thing, we are right here in the Philippines, to assist the applicant from start to finish in their native language. We specialize in only visas from the Philippines to the USA, so we can stay abreast of all the latest Philippine related changes, unlike most other processors who process visas to/from almost anywhere. We do this all the time and stay abreast of the many frequent changes in the process. We like to meet our clients face to face in order to provide a more “personalized” service, and often travel to other parts of the Philippines to meet them. We strive to make the process simple and straightforward, like our website. We have remained friends with many of our past visa clients, and get many referrals from them. We can prepare your girl for the maze that is Manila, which can be very intimidating for many girls who have traveled little outside their own barangay. We sometimes conduct “mock interviews” with the applicant, to prepare them for the sometimes grueling visa interview.

We do not have huge offices with glassed in windows in some mall somewhere (and the expenses that go along with it), where you will get lost in the shuffle of everyday business where nobody knows your case. We are instead a husband/wife team that specializes in Visas for Filipinos. Larry is an American from Oregon and deals mainly with the US citizen petitioner, whereas Rony is a Filipina, and does most of the paperwork and communicating with the Philippine citizen for maximum efficiency and communication. We base our fees on $10 per hour, which is a pretty good wage in the Philippines. Some cases we spend 10 hours on, others we spend 100 hours or more. We flat rate everyone so it all balances out. See our fee schedule here.

All this for a fraction of what US-based immigration attorneys charge.

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