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The Direct Consular Filing (DCF) is basically just a different way of filing for certain visas. Only some visas can be filed directly with the Embassy (DCF), and there are guidelines and requirements to be met in order to do so. The most common DCF filing is for a spousal visa.

For a spousal visa DCF filing, if the petitioner has lived in the Philippines for 6 months or longer and has sufficient proof to that effect, the petition can be filed directly to the Manila embassy, rather than being sent to the USA. This cuts out the months-long wait at the USCIS service center, as well as the 2-3 months at the NVC in Vermont. It simply cuts out the USCIS service center and National Visa Center and processes the entire visa in Manila. Basically, this cuts a normal 10-12 month process into 4-8 weeks.

A DCF filing for a spousal visa is very much like a standard stateside filing, uses much similar paperwork, etc., with one exception. It is much faster. Certain other visas can be filed DCF, for instance, adoption visas and widow visas, as well as derivative child visas. Most immigrant visas, however, need to be filed with the proper lockbox in the US. K1 fiancé visas cannot be filed DCF.

There are only a few agencies in the Philippines who assist with DCF filings, to the best of our knowledge we do more Direct Consular Filings than anyone else.

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