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Our Fee Schedule

We have lost numerous customers due to our fee schedule. Some people think our fees are too low, that we can’t possibly provide the service we offer for the price we offer it for. Some of these people have paid over $6000 to attorneys, and did not get near the kind of service we offer. We get a lot of business from clients who first hired attorneys who take client’s money, and give lousy service. Their visas are often a mess when we get them.

We are not a huge company with glassed in windows in some mall where you will get lost in the shuffle of everyday business. We are a husband/wife team that specializes in giving excellent personal service. Larry is an American (from Oregon) and deals mainly with the US petitioner, while Ronelyn (Rony) is Filipina, and not only does most of the paperwork but deals directly with the Philippine citizen for maximum efficiency and communication. We base our fees for many visas on a rate of $10 per hour, which is a pretty good wage here in the Philippines. (As opposed to $250/hr+ for some attorney’s paralegal to do it) Some cases we spend 10-20 hours on, some others we spend 100 hours on. We flat rate everyone so that it balances out.

Here is our fee schedule;

  • For full service processing of family based visas, such as fiancé, spousal, child, stepchild, parent, widow, etc.

    First visa $500

  • Each additional visa in same case and interviewing at the same time (processed together), add $100

  • If a co-sponsor is used, add $100 per case

  • For each adopted child, add $200

We offer a simple installment plan for family based visas, half up front, half when the NOA2 approval notice is issued. This co-incides with when the majority of our work is done.

These prices are for complete processing, from start of petition all the way to getting on the plane. Most agencies and attorneys will quote you a price to file the petition, and then there is another fee for filling out the visa application, and the another one for preparing for the interview, and on…, so be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Fees for other services we offer;

  • Adjustment of status (for K1 entrant to get green card) $350

  • Removal of conditions (to convert 2 year green card to 10 year)  $350

  • US Citizenship (To gain US citizenship) $350

  • CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) $200

That’s it. Compare this to US attorney pricing, which starts around $2000 for a simple K1, (without adjustment of status) and you may see why some people think we can’t possibly be charging enough. Add in the fact that we are right here in the Philippines to help your loved one in their native language, and you will see why nobody can compete with our pricing structure and service.

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